Day 5 The stars they are coming out tonight

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Wed 8 Dec 2021 11:42

32:44.734N 10:36.992W

Tonight’s activity is star gazing and in the words of Take that the stars are coming out tonight and lighting up the sky tonight. It’s so dark out here , with only a small crescent moon tonight that the constellations should be easy to see.
Anyway I’m aided by a trusty app and tonight I can really see plenty of constellations . Best of all is a clear view of all the bits of Orion including the Orion Nebula and the brightest star in the sky Sirius.

Meanwhile Jangy is absolutely steaming along. We have 20-28kts of strong breeze and a medium swell so she is happy as Larry surfing up to 13kts. Jem reefed the main earlier to calm it all down a bit as it went dark but I’m not sure it’s slowed us down.

Unfortunately this post will be a bit delayed as we had a bit of an accident earlier with the Sat Phone data. Whilst I was asleep my phone decided to jump onto the network whilst Jem was downloading weather so we’ve effectively run out of data.
To make matters worse it was a photo of the lovely purple bin bag I found ...forever after to me known as 50MB of purple binbag.

So by the time you read this I will be in Lanzarote. Meanwhile my phone is banished to the naughty step with all ability to communicate with the outside world disabled.

JPEG image

Orion , the Nebula is the smudgy bit ok his right leg

JPEG image

Forever more to be known as “50MB of Purple binbag” the offending picture and my home made water transfer funnel.