Day 14: Peniche

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Thu 29 Sep 2022 22:02
39:21.144N 009.22.557W

After our day off we were raring to go for another 60NM trip down the coast. The weather today was grey , drizzly and cold, not really what we expected. Yet another day in thermals and mid layer this time with a warm waterproof jacket as well.
To maximise daylight we left in the dark, the harbour exit was busy and first obstacle was a big cargo ship coming into the narrow entrance with a tug and pilot. Purple Mist squeezed down the side the closest I’ve ever been to a big ship.
The sailing was uneventful, Portugal from the sea is one long beach. Just after lunch we reached Nazare which has a huge underwater canyon that throws up surf …great if you are a surfer …not so great if you are sailing on through. The motion was a bit sea sick inducing. The depth went from 20m to over 150m in about 2 minutes ….yikes Orca alert …then back to 20m again….phew those Orcas like their deep water so we are staying shallow.
Then we had one last headland with waves disconcertingly crashing half way up the cliff before the harbour of Peniche that was relatively sheltered.
As soon as we had tidied up it was time for the JOG committee meeting so Rob went out for dinner with our Norwegian friends whilst I had 2hrs of Zoom meeting and pasta Carbonara. Never mind we were invited to post dinner drinks aboard Olliver and the gift of some home made frozen Fish pasta for Lunch tomorrow.
Next stop Caiscais!!! Then 2 whole days off. ….bliss. …even if it will be 2 days of boat jobs

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