..and Venus was her name ...maybe

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Sat 22 Jun 2019 22:12
Today the mood has been a bit flat. Whilst we were sailing backwards unravelling the A5 from the forestay the fleet carried on of course and we have dropped lots of places. I’m not sure where we are in class 5 but can see we have gone from 7th to 13th in line honours and a lot of boats that have come past are class 2 with lower handicap. It’s really really frustrating but of course it’s the consequence of messing up the spinnaker and then taking it too slowly whilst we recovered. My shoulders are still sore, something to do with lying in the deck trying to keep and ever filling sail under control. I need my chiropractor onboard!

Wind has been stable in strength and direction from behind so mostly the Autopilot has been steering so there’s not to much to do and maybe that’s the problem. At 4pm I was playing with some cards I found in the chart table just to pass the time. At 5pm it was lovely sunshine and I sort of woke up and wondered why am I not on deck hand steering, she will probably go faster, have a better downwind angle and it’s fun to surf down waves. This was the point today where I rediscovered why I’m doing this race - it’s for the fun of it. So I had my favourite music playing loud to sing along to, we surfed the waves, 2 petrels came to join in the fun by swooping the waves around the boat and after the briefest of showers the weather threw up a lovely rainbow. The sea was majestic , big blue waves with little white foamy tops like crawling fingers reminds me of that Japanese painting of a Wave.

Meanwhile Bobby is deep in Astronav taking sextant readings on every sun, moon, star and planet that pops up over the horizon just in case they might tell him where we are. I did mention we have at least 7 sources of GPS onboard and I can tell him precisely where we are at all times but he carries on pointing his sextant at the sky.

Is the first star you can see at night the planet Venus? I always thought this?

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