50 shades of grey

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Thu 20 Jun 2019 22:12

Thanks to Bridget, Debs and Tessa for your YB tracker updates, it seems the westerly island route, staying a bit West and wrestling with the A5 late into the afternoon has paid off and we are up 5 places from 10th to 5th in class 2....hurrah !

We are now tracking a bit East to try and avoid the light winds ahead. Expedition the routing software is saying go very East and I’m sure that is why the leading pack are over to the East but we shall try something in between.

The A5 finally gave up late afternoon. As the waves grew bigger and the wind over 20kts she was collapsing down the waves, rounding up and generally and trying to shake herself to pieces. George the autopilot was struggling to manage her tantrums so she is now safely stowed and the much better behaved J2 is taking the strain.

The sunny weather has disappeared replaced by grey sky, grey sea and drizzle. I’m sat on the top step again supervising the autohelm from inside.

All is well aboard, plenty of food and water to keep us going. No significant bruises to report though a small bang on the leg when the first aid box jumped off the shelf and fell on it. Ironic I thought!

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