What a difference a day makes

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Wed 5 Jun 2019 16:55
45:16.23N 15:23.984W

So here we are slowly tracking a bit west to allow the low pressure storm to pass south of us. Winds are set to increase again but at the moment it’s really lovely. 12kts of breeze, low swell and bright sunshine. A chance to dry out all the wet oilies from the past 4 days.

Boat is in good shape so far no major breakages. The hanging wardrobes have been bounced off there fixings, one has pulled the fixing out of the ceiling but no hole in the boat. One external cup holder has been ripped off when Bobby fell onto it and we have a dripping leak from the Genoa car. Liferaft popped out of its fixings but that is now fixed, luckily before it escaped out the back of the boat.

The streaky high citrus cloud is suggesting the low pressure is on its way. Look at this lovely rainbow. Is it a rainbow ? Or maybe an icebox? Sadly I have no google to look it up.

JPEG image