Day 3: sun sun sun here it comes

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Sat 4 Dec 2021 13:04
36:30.548N 004:38.93W

Yesterday evening we were really getting into this cruising lark with lovely nibbles and Jeremy got out his new guitar for a few tunes. Weather was calm all night so we were mostly motoring .
I did manage to squeeze in a bit of sailing at about 3am when there was just enough wind to do 5kts

Sunrise it was still calm then the wind rapidly built and I had 3 hrs or so of complete “yeeee hawww” upwind sailing full main and jib I’m up to 25kts ...what a warrior queen this boat is. Magnificent performance...Purple Mist needs a few more mods yet to get the same speed upwind !!
I’m just about used to the single tiller and different track and backstay controls . Still a bit fingers and thumbs though to be honest I’m a bit like that on Purple Mist.

We tracked along the coast , bright sunshine, waves crashing over the boat, music playing this is what it’s all about .

The just like that the wind died again and we went into flat calm and engine on.

Gibraltar is on the horizon. It looks a lot like Portland bill not connected to the mainland ..even if they a both are by flat land.

JPEG image

Drinks and nibbles time

JPEG image

Penguins jumping into the bunk

JPEG image

JPEG image

Yeee hawwww sailing getting me off the helm this morning . Too much fun