Everybody is surfing, surfing USA

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Thu 20 Jun 2019 14:06

This afternoon the wind has picked up to 17kts gusting 20kts and it’s a Sunfast sleigh ride. The A5 is doing ok, occasionally rounding up and flapping madly thinking she is going to get taken down for a rest...but oh no as fortune favours the brave we are resetting and continuing- the A5 can work a bit harder for a bit longer.

Exehibitionist took their kite down an hour ago so we are now slowly pulling ahead. We have lost all boats on AIS except Exehibitionist so any updates on YB is appreciated , I’m especially keen to know how the boats that went East are doing . Did they get any wind?

Less than 1000miles for us and at this rate they disappear relatively quickly

Meanwhile on this bucking bronco of a boat Bobby is trying to take Astronav sights with his sextant to complete his Yachtmaster ocean. The last one was only 10miles out which is a good result.

More dolphins came to play which is always a welcome sight.

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