It’s Ok to be inside the boat too

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Thu 6 Jun 2019 22:50
42:58.287N 18:58.117W

Today has been all about fast reaching. Both Bobby and I enjoyed the exhilaration of the sailing this morning however by this afternoon the novelty of repeated buckets of lukewarm seawater being chucked at you has worn off so we retreated to inside.

Luckily conditions as so stable that George the autopilot can do a better job keeping us in course , leaving us free to play at the Nav station. This involves for me blogging and emailing and the Bgan is so easy even I can get it talking to the satellites. Bobby has been learning expedition and via some marvel in technology now has the YB tracker imported so we can see other boats. We also have a repeat of the plotter on the iPad so we can see the boat is good and any ships on AIS. We also have this on the phone so you can lie in bed and checkout how your coskipper is doing.

We can see no boats on AIS and the last ones we saw were well down the class 3 and 4 fleets. When you are alongside Ophen Maverick you know you are in trouble as it’s virtually the lowest handicap of the fleet. I honestly thought everyone had zoomed off on the NW wind leaving us in the wrong am I ! Such a pleasant surprise to be mid fleet and we will get some time back for our rescue mission of Bigfoot.

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