Fastnet 2019 complete

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Thu 8 Aug 2019 04:30
50:20.407N 4:09.593W

At 18:39 this evening we completed the 2019 Fastnet race.

The day had been glorious, sunshine and light breezes from behind and we had the big S2 Spinnaker flying until the end. Our speed was not quite as it should have been on this race neither upwind or downwind so more work to be done in the future to optimise that.

As we crossed the line there was a celebratory bang normally reserved for the class winners. This was a lovely surprise from two friends of Purple Mist that were manning the lighthouse to take finishing times.

Normally the finish is a time for celebration but sadly we couldn’t stop for the party. Bad weather is forecast for Friday and Saturday so we needed to dip the line and carry on back to Hamble. Celebrating was limited to a round of sponge puddings and custard and 2 tins of non alcoholic beer.

JPEG image

The end in sight

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Thanks to the crew: Rob, Bobbyand Charlie.

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The Aftermath, a bit messy.