Day 10.1: Feeling hot hot hot

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Wed 18 Jan 2023 13:19
21:47.324N 39:50.656W

Day 10.1 : Feeling hot hot hot

Finally the wind has eased … in fact you would say it’s died. Currently we have only 6- 8kts This means we have to fly a spinnaker to make any progress at all. Really we should have up the big S2 but knowing how unstable this weather is we have gone for the smaller S3. The S3 having spent all day on the naughty step has promised not to wrap itself again however to be doubly sure we have hoisted the Spi net which are the horizontal webbing bands in the photo. It’s a faff but we needed to be extra careful .

JPEG image

Last night we had one of my worst nightmare in that the so far perfectly well behaved Certus 200 satellite data terminal decided to go into an endless round of booting up. I tried the usually waiting and turn it off and on but 90mins later still no working Sat data terminal . There was a few hours where our only comms were small texts on the Sat phone - Thanks Deb for answering the texts. Without the Certus we would have no email and you my friends would have no blog. Thank goodness Claire had added to our 600+ jobs list - download every manual to the laptop.
Buried in the manual is one line talking about a last resort being a factory reset. Hidden under a tab not labelled is a small round hole - the type of hole you press with a straightened paper clip … no such office supplies are aboard but I found some handy wire to do the same job. Then there is the big decision do you press and threaten to make it worse or not ? I ummmmed and ahhhhed, to press or not to press that was the question? Anyway I decided to press , all sorts of coloured lights appeared and after a while the familiar 3 fixed green of a working terminal were back. I actually felt physically sick nothing like the same sense of satisfaction I get from fixing physical kit on the boat…I flipping hate errant electronics !
Anyway it’s now started up twice and sent mail so I have posted Grandma Clanger on monitoring duty - she was supposed to keep this thing working.

A way to celebrate you get 2 blogs today as I’m testing the system still

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