Day 6: Here is looking at you Blue eyes

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Wed 8 Dec 2021 12:02
31:7.15N 12:10.37W

Another day’s dawns and we are now just 36hrs away. The wind died down so this being a delivery not a race it was bung on the engine and add another 20litres of diesel to the tank.

This mornings visitor is a little squid with very blues eyes that has jumped aboard the back. Penguins eyed it up as a tasty snack but they chucked it back in the end.

Later in the day I saw a small brown turtle just swimming by.

The expanse of the sea is great for clearing your mind of daily clutter. You can gaze out on the waves and really have a good think about things. There are so few distractions with no social media, TV , or emails. I’ve been able to make some big decisions this trip .

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