Round the Bill on a favourable tide

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Sun 4 Aug 2019 09:22
50:13.54N 002.49.03W

First evening is drawing in and I’ve a little time to reflect on the first day
The progress has really been amazing. I never thought we would make Portland Bill with favourable tide. The tide turned just as we started the race so that gives you just 6hrs of favourable tide to make the Bill. This is a first even for Rob who is a veteran of 7 Fastnet races ....go go go super speedy Purple Mist rapide!
I went for a little snooze at 7pm and woke up 2hrs later to find we are halfway across Lyme bay. When the tide turns against at Portland it’s a world of pain, with no wind I once went backwards for 15NM, this was the fear. Instead we have broken into the much lighter tide beyond Portland Bill so even though it’s now against we are still making 8.5kts over the ground. Wind is from the East about 18kts and we have the previously named naughtiest sail on the boat (due to tendency to wrap on the forestay ) the A5 flying ....however even Mrs Naughty sail is behaving herself just a couple of mini round ups...though she has been threatened with the bin if she wraps again .
All onboard are good, it’s quite relaxing with 4 compared to the usual 2.....though it does mean we need to hand steer. George the Autopilot is not allowed when there is more than 2 aboard so he is relaxing.
The penguins had a lovely afternoon sat on the coach roof waving to boats. There was some serious boat totty out on the start line particularly amongst the Multihull fleet. The Multihulls hardly need to pack a sandwich they will be so quick round the circuit. Meanwhile we enjoyed a nice chilli cooked by Charlie....I’m not even needed to cook !
Channel 16 is non stop with radio traffic with so many boats out here racing on top of the usual calls from boats needing a tow into Brighton and the like. Earlier today the main GPS plotter had a total meltdown repeatedly crashing and we had to switch it off leaving us navigating on only an iPhone for a couple of hours . It’s working again now and the .conclusion is so many AIS inputs from 400 boats were just overloading it to the point of failure.
Ok it’s my watch soon so that’s all for now.