Day 8: Riding Wild Horses

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Sun 15 Jan 2023 21:06
23:33.476N 33:32.30W

Day 8: Riding Wild Horses

Well that was one wild ride last night . As soon as it went dark the feisty but familiar 20- 25 kts of wind transformed into 8hrs of sustained +30kt squalls. The ride was wild with Purple Mist surfing at up to 11.5kts ….well done to George the autopilot. I have to confess I had a bit of a nervous moment thinking that the repaired mainsail shouldn’t be put under so much pressure but there was nothing we could do as reefing the main would risk more damage and actually the repair was holding up fine. So we just held on for the ride and tried to think of the positives that the speed would be giving us.

Morning has come and as usual it has calmed a little. On top everything is always easier when it’s light. I’ve started a jobs list as we are still finding little things broken during “spinnaker gate” to keep us busy. There are also the bigger jobs like spinnaker unraveling though we are still waiting for the wind to calm for that one.

JPEG image

Life onboard is starting to fall into a bit of a routine. Starting with breakfast and our daily present from Jeremy. We’ve had lots of motivational stickers , some cool gloves with LED lights , personalised key rings and timers that tick away with our race time and the time to beat Jangada.

We appreciate all the support coming from home . If you’ve any questions don’t hesitate to ask us either directly or in Facebook comments and Emily can pass onto us.