Starry starry night

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Fri 3 Dec 2021 02:08
38:06.663N 00:04.886E

Day 1 and we have finally departed Ibiza town.
We had a last supper of some very nice sushi last night . The two local girls on the next table were friendly but knew we weren’t local given Jeremy was wearing shorts in December!

Departure was easy , just avoid a few ferries and head for the gap between Ibiza and Formentor. The depth was pretty shallow causing a few breaking waves but nothing too dramatic.

Wind them steadily increased and we had up to 27 kts . It was on the beam or just behind us though so fast sailing .. and a few waves over the boat made it quite wet at times. I did some hand steering to get practised and improve the motion of the boat. The Swell was initially a different direction left over from yesterday so we were corkscrewing around which was a little bit sickness inducing.

I’m settling into the differences between Jangada JPK 10.10 and Purple Mist Sunfast 3200. The central tiller and extension is different but after 4 hrs or so helming I’m getting the muscle memory:

The one bunk we are sharing in the saloon is super cosy especially now I’ve added my 4 seasons sleeping bag to the fleecy blankets.

The penguins are well they had a brief trip out on the kicker for departure but it was a bit wet for them so they hurried inside to pretend to learn Expedition routing software at the chart table. They also jumped in the bunk for a quick snuggle ...a habit I hope they are not expecting back home .

Progress is ahead of schedule and we are already in sight of the Spanish coast . Sunset was stunning and we are now trucking along on the dark.

Now to try and get the Sat Phone connected to see if this will send.

Update. Didn’t get the phone to connect to Satphone yet so waiting for the Spanish coast for signal
Wind has increased a lot , now a solid 30kts with 38kt gusts. Green water is coming over the deck so it’s all a bit wet and wild.

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JPEG image