Surfing through the’s wet

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Thu 6 Jun 2019 16:15
43:41.942N. 18:00.75W

What a exhilarating sail it has been today. Finally this morning we got out of the windhole and found the first of the NW breeze. At sunrise we had full main and J2 (big jib) and the speed was climbing. What perfect conditions

Then we found the strong wind on the west of the low pressure and wow wee does this boat like it. 25-32kts at 110’ and she is off like a train. It would be great to show you video but it’s so wet with waves and spray I daren't take any camera on deck. As the wind built we progressively shortened sails again ...not that is made any difference to speed which hit a record 14.7kts.

The waves are huge and coming from the side behind a bit. They pick up the boat and she then flies along the top until she hits another wave in an explosion of water. It’s a bit like surfing , although the boat is thicker than a surfboard she is no match for these giant Atlantic waves. Then sometimes just as you get used to the waves a rogue one pops up behind and just breaks over your head...just like being at the beach and standing in the surf.

When I was little Mum used to say I was never happy unless I was in the sea getting my pants wet. My usual trick was to not bother changing into swimmers promising I was just off for a quick paddle. I would always come back fully soaked blaming a big wave. Well Mum I’m at it again as yes my pants are wet as my oilies are no match for these waves.
The one difference to these waves and the well as the size the fact they are actually warm. Well we are level with Spain now and the sea has definitely warmed up.

Onto food, I’ve started cooking again. Thanks to Judy from RCYC for freezing long life milk and juice the fridge is still cold. So we had a lovely bacon and scrambled egg wrap for Lunch. No mean feat balancing pans whilst the boat is flying along.
Only problem on food is remembering where I’ve stowed stuff. I can’t for the life of me recall where the extra muesli bars are . I think at the back under my bunk which is pretty impossible to get to in these conditions . Key learning for the trip home, stow stuff where you can access it in rough waves.

Finally the miles are ticking down and at these speeds they tick down faster than ever. No other boats on AIS so no idea where we sit in the fleet, maybe someone can tell me ? Briefly saw Quivera this morning then we steamed off. Was hoping to catch a few like AJ Wanderlust but no sign of anyone.

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