It’s a new day, it’s a new day

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Mon 5 Aug 2019 04:38
49:54.239N 6:08.446W

Last night was a bit full on. The wind gradually built during the day and we made great progress to the Lizard under full main and J2. I recall last Fastnet hitting the The lizard during sunrise so we are either 12hrs or 36hrs ahead ...I can’t quite work it out!

After the Lizard the wind strengthened rapidly to 25kts plus , the swell increased we were hopelessly overcanvassed. I was lying in my bunk being tossed about thinking this is going to be tough.
Sure enough it was a very very wet experience on the foredeck switching from reefed J2 to the little J4. The waves were coming right over the deck and green water swooshed down the deck drenching everything. These are the times when even I wonder do I actually enjoy this sailing lark but It’s exhilarating as well..the force of Nature.

Under the J4 and 2 reefs in the main we were nice a stable so although it was a wet ride it was safe.

There was a slight moment of adrenaline when we saw an MOB alert alarm right in our path. We went into full AZAB rescue mode with Rob on the radio and me navigating. The night was so dark with no moon I really didn’t fancy anyone’s chances. It was a good reminder for us to all stay clipped on. However we assume all was well as no mayday and the alarm seemed to be then moving aboard a boat going the other way .

Morning has broken and it’s only 11kts of wind so we’ve just humpfed the wet J2 back to the foredeck and up the forestay.

The Scillies are on the beam and with that is 2 spots of 3G phone so hopefully this message will send

All well aboard, we are all a bit damp and wet but nothing broken.