The calm before the storm

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Tue 25 Jun 2019 15:21

The storm is still forecast for tomorrow afternoon but for now we could be in the Med. the clouds have lifted, the sun is shining and just a slightly bitter nip to the NE wind reminds me we are still in the Atlantic

We’ve been playing cat and mouse today with the boats around us. We are slowly making progress on Je Vole and keeping pace with Kuba on Polished Manx a much bigger boat at 40.7 “ versus Purple Mist at 32”. Exehibitionist is catching us. It’s all friendly though as we chat on the radio and swop sat phone texts. Other boats are even talking about when to tack whicj is a bit helpful for real racers.

As we are close hauled (best course to windward) it’s important all the crew play their part. Therefore the softer members of the team have been hiking out to add weight to the rail. Before someone protests me for moving ballast about (which is forbidden under race rules) theircombined weight is sadly very little.

Before you think I am bananas with all these teddies ( if you didn’t already think I was bananas) then I will point out that some of the best racers in this fleet have their mascots. Jangada also has some penguins, a turtle and a lifeboat teddy. Zest has a fine collection including a duck, a moose and a strange ratty looking doll. Even the rock star racers like Sam Davies and Alex Thomson have their mascots.

The two penguins are the best racers and have been after a go on a Sunfast for years. Having been cruelly turned down a ride on another Sunfast I was forced to buy this boat just for them..... and if you believe that you believe anything :-)

Finally I understand from comments my food post was useful to some so another very tasty product is this pulled pork which we had warm in a wrap for lunch.

Right I’m off to-batten down the hatches.

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