Food glorious food

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Mon 24 Jun 2019 18:55

Sailing today has been good, a beam reach with good speeds under the J2, we overtook Yenda so we are now 10th on Line honours. Polished Manx remains within 1-2NM andwe just cant get past but they should be faster as a higher handicap and 40’ boat so it’s good we are level on the water as we will beat them in class 2. we are stuck at 7th in class and suspect it’s a way to go to get to 6th

So as there is not much new to tell you about the Ocean today I thought I would tell you about what we are eating

There are different strategies when it comes to food onboard. The all out racers like Jangada have only the ability to boil water , not even to heat a saucepan, so they are stuck with warming up sachets in the hot water, dehydrated food or Pot noodles.
Je Vole another Sunfast 3200 was showing me an apparently very tasty Swedish brand of dehydrated meals. However at E8.60 each portion the costs soon become expensive
At the more gourmet end of the fleet, Exehibitionist and Milou, who both have ovens and fridges, enjoy cooking from scratch, even to the point of roasting and grinding spices for their curries . Milou allows themselves a glass of wine or a beer with dinner as well. All very civilised.

On Purple Mist I have 2 gas rings,no oven and no fridge so I had to get creative as I don’t really want to be living on dehydrated meals and pot noodles. I thought some of these ideas might inspire you if you go camping or sailing.
Tonight we had Sausage casserole which is basically a tin of hot dog sausages added to a tin of ratatouille. Don’t knock it till you try it ..surprisingly tasty. I’ve discovered this great brand of instant mash potatoes Idahoan that actually tastes good...just add hot water.

Other evening meals we like are:
Chana masala - basically chick pea curry in a sachet to which we add extra tinned tomatoes and lentil dhal.
“Look what we found “ which is a very daft brand name for some very nice chilli in a sachet. Sachets are small though so we add extra tomatoes, kidney beans or Ratatouille.
Pasta, pesto, tinned salmon and tinned peas- very green but very tasty.
Straight to wok noodles with tinned veg like sweet corn, peas and carrots - Waitrose tinned mushrooms really are lovely nice and bouncy unlike tinned carrots which are mush really . Various sauces like ho sin or satay are available in the range.
Then for a quick meal M&S do some sachets and small bowls in the balanced for you range which are very tasty.

....oh and now and again we do like a Pot Noodle !

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