Day 5: Clean Boat Clean Hair

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Mon 6 Dec 2021 12:30

33:55.198N 9:43.441W

A new day has dawned after lots of good sleep last night. Sun is shining , plenty of breeze it’s Time for a wash and scrub up for both me and the boat.

The boat is pretty flat with a poled out Jib and full main in 20kts or so of breeze. Just a rolling side to side motion as the waves pass under us. Earlier in the morning and last night we had Jangada Challenge number 1 ... can we steer faster than the autopilot. They is no moon and the clouds kept covering the stars so it’s really easy to get disoriented , Even so I just managed to beat the pilot . Luckily for Jeremy he was the helming winner of the morning. All data was analysed in finest detail by Expedition software ...there really is nowhere to hide on this boat in terms of your performance being analysed. Another toy for the Purple Mist shopping list.

First cleaning the boat, it’s bin day, time to stow the garbage and imagine my joy at finding Purple binbags ...I don’t even have those on Purple Mist.
Then we had to refill the water bottles, there is a battery driven gadget but the batteries are flat and spare batteries are temporarily stowed somewhere we can’t find. So that was another Jangada challenge today I made a funnel to transfer the water to smaller bottles.

Next the bilges, 3 buckets of water had come in during our rough upwind so that was all mopped out and chucked over . Finally the whole kitchen area got a good antibac spray and scrub.

My treat after all this was a hair wash. The Methonal fuel cell chucks out warm fresh water as a waste product. I’d made a early request that this was mine. What a joy to have clean hair again after 5 days . Hopefully will stop it falling out all over the boat as well.

It’s warm enough now to remove a few layers though the result is a bit of a shambles ...I’m never sure that shorts and thermals is a good look but hey it works.

JPEG image

Poles out Jib

JPEG image

Makeshift funnel and look at the colour of those binbags !!