The Vang goes Bang

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Thu 27 Jun 2019 17:27
So there we were merrily chugging along , safely sat inside whiling the hours away. As mentioned before we can tack from inside so other than a quick look see no need to get wet on deck

Clearly Purple Mist didn’t think we had enough to do and decided to throw us the next challenge. Bang the bracket (tang) that holds the kicker (or vang) which tensions the boom down onto the deck had snapped. The metal had sheared.

So we fashioned a replacement with some natty pink dyneema that should get us home.

Meanwhile we still have 30kts plus, still have massive waves, it is at least sunny but we are just hanging in avoiding ships.

Slowly slowly we tack for home but it’s slow progress and now we have tide against us too!! Exehibitionist is catching us up as they have more sail up but we are comfortable with just what we have for now. We need the wind to drop a bit to hoist more. I’m just grateful if nothing more breaks.

JPEG image

JPEG image