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Skipper: Kate Cope Co-skipper: Bobby Drummond


Sunfast 3200 R2


Sail Achieve Survive Complete

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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
May 2019
Mon 20 May 07:05 Race Report Yarmouth to Cowes 50:51.26N 1:18.79W
Sat 18 May 20:47 Race to Yarmouth with Jog 50:42.31N 1:30.80W
Mon 13 May 13:58 Azab Yellow Brick tracker link 50:51.26N 1:18.79W
Sun 12 May 11:29 Cruising in Chichester harbour with RBYC 50:48.32N 0:51.60W
Sun 05 May 13:01 Cervantes Race, an adventure with assymetrics 50:27.73N 0:33.81W
Fri 03 May 16:13 New Electronics
Apr 2019
Sun 28 Apr 12:27 Oysters in the River Hamble ? 50:51.26N 1:18.79W
Sat 27 Apr 17:32 Position report only 50:10.51N 4:16.05W
Sat 27 Apr 17:31 Position report only 49:04.75N 2:47.13W
Sat 27 Apr 16:44 Getting Ready for Azab our 300mile qualifier 49:42.92N 2:03.77W
Sat 27 Apr 16:11 Pictures from the JOG Cherbourg Race 49:39.20N 1:37.02W
Sat 27 Apr 16:07 Race Report JOG Cowes Cherbourg April 2019 49:39.20N 1:37.02W