Sun sun it comes

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Sat 22 Jun 2019 15:08
Yes it sunny and windy aboard Purple Mist this afternoon. A chance to dry out the oilies after yesterday’s soaking. None of my oilies seem to repel the water in these conditions, so I feel permanently damp, though it’s not cold....sort of warm and damp.

Not at lot to do today as the boat is sailing herself, George the autopilot is working well and just needs to be fed Amps from the Efoy fuel cell. The Bgan sat dish is not so happy with the rolling but with care we still have email and weather.

The sea is looking majestic. Powerful yet quite friendly a bit like Purple Mist herself. The A5 is still on the naughty step, who know when we will let her out again. At times we are underpowered but just as we think about more sail we get a 30kts squall to remind us the sails we have up are just right.

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