Boat Damage

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Thu 13 Jun 2019 12:25

We are now sat comfortably in the marina in Ponta Delgada enjoying a well earned rest. We’ve spent the last 2 days sorting out the boat cleaning , tidying and doing a few jobs. I have to say I am impressed how little damage the boat suffered. One hanging wardrobe pulled out it’s bracket, 1 drip from a deck fitting and the liferaft needed an extra strap. We slightly tweaked the setting on the Efoy methanol fuel cell and we just now need to do a full rig check

Other boats have sustained more damage. Bigfoot who we shadowed has major keel damage. She is now lifted out in Falmouth and the surveyor has said the keel was close to detaching totally.

Boogie nights with Jayne and Marina aboard lost their rig. I think everyone is most impressed by there double spinnaker pole jury rig. They partly sailed with the storm jib ( which Jayne made herself!) and the engine. A cargo ship dropped them extra fuel so they had enough to motor the 350miles to the Azores. We all particularly liked the fact they still could put up the Portuguese courtesy flag

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