Thank you for the Music

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Sat 29 Jun 2019 08:20

Here we are sat safely on the pontoon in Falmouth. The trial of a 48hr Force 8 gale is already feeling a bit of a memory, did it really happen.

We had a lovely welcome as we finished in Falmouth, the harbour pilot gave us a toot on his horn and Ocean 2 the RCYC rib came out to meet us with beer and shortbread. On the pontoon were the friendly faces of the crews of Zest, Exehibitionist, Joy and Jangada.

So it just remains to hand out some Thank yous. This adventure really felt like a team effort so Thanks a lot to all those who supported Team Purple Mist.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to:

Rob: For endlessly inspiring me that I have the skills to take part in this short handed offshore racing lark. Such a shame Bigfoot couldn’t finish the trip.
Bobby: For spending just about every weekend in 2019 on training, races and qualifying passages, boat setup and joining me for the trip. We made it!
Tessa: Director of social media. Fake Kate on my Facebook page for reposting my blog and sending me everyone’s (mostly!) supportive comments
Christian: Director of Meterology for daily weather updates even from a tent in Wales
Deb: The mighty Deb, my sailing mentor, for tips and training we really should have joined the Magenta project.
Nigel at Sea Ventures for supplying me such an awesome boat and endless suggestions to make her go faster.
Jerry for his ocean sailing tips and experience.
Jeremy for our training day and some lovely drone footage...until the drone fell in!
Judy my RCYC boat buddy in Falmouth for shopping and storage trips and making my milk and juice ice blocks.
Moral support and partying in Ponta Delgada: Kass from Zest, Rick and Neil from Exehibitionist , Richard , Grace and Sophie from Jangada and Rory and Mark from Milou.
Friends and family sending emails of support, they really did cheer me up on some dark nights, particularly Bridget who didn’t think she knew anything about sailing but I’m sure can now confidently tell you the difference between and J2 and an S2.
My bosses for giving me a 6 week sabbatical
Sue and Annette for looking after my house
The team at Mailasail for showing us how to get the Sat comms working and loaning me the BGAN that made blogging and email so fast and easy
And finally the team at the Royal Cornwall Yacht club for a warm welcome home and organising such a great event so well.

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