Day 23: Here’s looking at you blue eyes

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Sun 9 Oct 2022 04:09
31:43.601N 11:56.966W

Day23: Here’s looking at you Blue eyes.
Today was a lot more of the same. Downwind sailing in 20kts mostly with the odd patch of 28kts. Speed is good with just the reefed delaminating main sail and as we are nearly dead downwind the jib just flaps. As the wind dropped to 18kts we tried poling out the jib goosewinged and it added a knot of speed which was welcome. Sea state has got a bit more regular either that or we are more used to it so feel less sick.
This morning we had 3 visitors aboard, little squid that dry out rapidly in the hot sun and stick to the deck.
Just under 200NM to run , we achieved another 160NM today. I’m hoping we arrive in daylight Monday morning.

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