Day 11: Spain to Portugal

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Mon 26 Sep 2022 22:07
41:11.068N 008:42.518W

Today we left Spain (Baiona) and entered Portugal. The sailing was pretty similar to yesterday light winds at the start and then building to a feisty 22kts by the end of the day.
The coast of Portugal seems like one long beach . Lots of sand dunes. We were happily sailing when a jet ski whizzed over to tell us there was rocks ahead and we should change course …most countries use buoys for that purpose but we liked the personal service. I’d like to think our course was actually ok and we were not no danger but we changed course anyway.
Our stop tonight was Leixoes , a big harbour with cruise ships and an oil refinery. Normally you rock up and just plonk yourself on and empty pontoon but tonight we decided to call ahead . Imagine my horror when the guy said the marine is full, just anchor outside they said . Now Purple mist is good at lots of things …going fast…comfy beds …hot shower but anchoring is not something we can do . We have a 3kg anchor and no chain.
The next port was 2 miles away downwind and after that it’s another 68NM.
However I thought who has been talking about a 30kg anchor and 100m of chain , who has 17t of boat that wouldn’t notice another 4t alongside …yes our Norwegian friends on Olliver came to the rescue and we rafted alongside . Not only that we were offered cold beers and a very nice hot meal.
However before all that I booked tomorrows marina. Thanks to Jerry for the pilot notes , I’m not getting caught out again.