Day 21: Long Leg to Lanzarote

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Thu 6 Oct 2022 21:17
36:13.400N 009:07.999W
Day 21: Long Leg to Lanzarote
Today we finally set off for the long leg to Lanzarote. The winds and waves are favourable and we should be there Monday / Tuesday. Its less than a Fastnet, the standard unit of Offshore miles.
Yesterday a random French youngster asked us where we were going and whether he could hop aboard to the Canaries. Although its would be good to help out a youngster, I quickly concluded the boat was too small and not set up for 3 people.
The marina exit was a bit tricky as a Catamaran the size of a small house was blocking the channel and the lifting bridge. We had to hover about which is always difficult in a vehicle with no brakes. Anyway when he had finished faffing about mooring to the reception pontoon we slid past with a large bunch of tourist boats and headed out of the channel.
By 17:00 were were in the very bust shipping lanes off the corner of Portugal with commerical vessels off to all sorts of exotic locations. Best of all we were in deep water, past the continental shelf, past the boats fishing for tuna and past the threat of Orcas. Big cheers all round as Purple Mist and her pink rudders have evaded being chomped by Orcas. We stowed away all on deck Orca defenses and breathed a huge sigh of relief.  The cockpit is now clean and tidy... well tidy at least as the quick spray down this morning didn’t really clear away 3 weeks of grime.
The wind is light and the swell is horrible from 2 different directions. We have been motoring all day but thankfully just turned off the engine as we havent enough diesel to motor all the way. Finally the roar of diesel is over and we can float down on warm trade winds.