Day 5- I don’t like Jamaica I love it

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Mon 6 Dec 2021 02:06
34:19.326N 008:31.853W

We are into the trade winds now. Downwind 15-20kts and as every hour goes by it’s getting warmer. We have Bob Marley music sending out some Caribbean vibes as that is the place where we would end up if we didn’t stop at the Canary Islands. It makes me think about the great explorers like Columbus setting off to discover new countries all those years ago.

Weather is looking great with similar conditions for the rest of the trip though the wind is likely to pick up strength a bit in 24hrs. However we should get in Wednesday night ahead of a 40kt storm and big seas

It’s now 1am . I’ve just had a spell hand steering which is tricky in the dark and clouds. You have to orientate yourself by the stars ..which then disappear behind dark clouds. So in the end you just try and feel the waves .

I’m getting more into the Navigation software this trip which is a great skill to learn though still feels somehow wrong to just sit at a computer and not experience the power of the wind and waves at the helm . Mind you with 24hrs in every day there is plenty of chance to do both.

Ok now for another first to stuff a cheeky pouch of Chicken Tikka into the Jetboil as I somehow missed supper and the offer of a Bombay Badboy Pot Noodle upon wakening was not really appealing. .

JPEG image

Sky , Clouds and Ocean ...lots of all three

JPEG image

Pinky Penguin trying on Big Teds lifejacket. They’ve asked for their own for Christmas. These three peer over the bunk and jump on your head in big waves.