Sparking Dolphins

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Sun 4 Aug 2019 09:44
50:02.747N 003:47.059W

First night at sea we were treated to light winds , stars and dolphins.

The light wind was a bit frustrating to say the least , but it was forecast and the general feeling on board was we had done well to get round Portland Bill and at least when the wind died we did have favourable tide again. It was hard work switching between S2 , A5 and J2 as the wind went up and down but we were always optimised.

The 4am alarm is always a tough one but what a treat I had. The water was calm and the sky full of stars. First we heard a few splashes and then saw these streams of phosphorescent. As the dolphins approached the boat their whole body was covered in a skin of light from the phosphorescent and it was streaming off their tails. It was Absolutely magical as they broke the surface there was another shower of light. Purple Mist was joining in with light streams rolling off the bow. I was giving the dolphins feedback on the show , not sure whether they could here my oohs and ahhs and shouts of amazing but they hung around for 20mins or so.

Morning has broken and the day is dull but the wind is back so its onwards we go. Falmouth CG are reporting a missing diver in the area which is a bit sobering , all the lifeboats are out looking. Let’s hope with 400 yachts passing he might be found.

Other than that the night radio traffic was fun listening. Fishing boats desperately asking for 400 yachts to stay clear. Boats reminding yachts to switch on Nav lights ....clearly so involved in racing it’s easy forgot...and even if you are racing an Imoca 60 you still need lights in the dark !!! Then at least 2 yachts near us with the school boy error of showing deck level nav lights and a tricolour leading to an erroneous display.

All is well on board, both sets of double handers aboard are enjoying the extra sleep.