Here I go again ....

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Fri 2 Aug 2019 18:25
So we are ready to set off for Fastnet. After a busy day of jobs we are ready and have been relaxing since 4pm so it all feels a bit too organised.
It’s fair to say after AZAB I really didn’t start properly thinking about Fastnet until a week ago . However Purple Mist is really ready to go. Performance rigging fixed the kicker last week and Sea Ventures changed the chaffed Outhaul.
Weather look good, routing is saying 4days 8hrs so it should be late Wednesday night when we finish.
The RBYC has a trip out this weekend so we have at least 2 supporter boats in the Solent to cheer us on and numerous fans on Facebook. Tessa is Director of social media again so if I get the Sat Phone to work there should be posts on FB too.
There is also a virtual regatta that I know a few friends are trying to beat us on.
Battle flags are proudly flying including AZAB and the last Fastnet.
I’m hoping for speed, fun and some great wildlife spotting.....oh and I have a proper star app now so no debates on whether it’s Venus or Altair.

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