Waiting for a star to fall

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Wed 1 Dec 2021 19:14
38:53.627N 001:26.642E

Last day in Ibiza and we are ready to set sail for Lanzarote. So far the trip has been nothing but luxury. Club class flights with champagne, lovely meals out and this afternoon we had a quick trip to the hotel spa. I’m hoping this has not caused me to get a bit soft before the real sailing starts tomorrow.

Today we did a few jobs on the boat, you know I love nothing better than getting out the screwdriver, sikaflex and epoxy resin to fix the very few breakages incurred so far.
The boat is the same size as Purple Mist but quite a different layout so I’m intrigued how she will feel to sail - how similar , how different. There are no big aft cabins to sleep in rather in the saloon either under the racing main or the oilies. At least I found a pillow...bit mouldy but somewhere I packed a clean pillowcase . That pillowcase will be the touch of purple so far missing in the shades of grey.

We stocked up at the Spar on some lovely goodies so we will eat well. One benefit for a start is a fridge, though we only have the ability to boil hot water and eat boil in the bag food.

I will try and update this blog with progress each day so you can see where we are. Estimate of time is 7-8 days non stop.

JPEG image

Ibiza Old Town

JPEG image

Jangada looking splendid

Not quite as fat a bottom as Purple Mist has.