Day 10: Somewhere over the rainbow

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Tue 17 Jan 2023 22:52

22:27.084N 38:07.951W

Day 10: Somewhere over the rainbow ….there lies a boat without a spinnaker wrapped round its forestay. 

Overnight it was much calmer with only a few squalls. So calm we were going really slowly and it would have been ideal to unravel the spinnaker except it’s pitch dark with no moon.  It would have been faster with the Code Zero or A5 up but with so much clutter already tangled on the rigging we feared for more tangle in the dark. 

This morning was another sunny day with squalls going through but we decided to risk the Code Zero in the “Storm Zero” sail configuration. One squall provide a lovely rainbow which ended  on exactly the course we need to sail to reach Grenada so for a while it was ‘follow that rainbow’ . 

Then at about 10am with the zero flying the wind dropped to 14 kts and we went for the big unravelling. The good news is it worked !!! We now have the S3 back in its bag - surprisingly totally undamaged. We basically took it stage by stage carefully tying up the sail as a big sausage to stop any parts flying off. Then we unwound it round and round the forestay until with a whoosh the rest of it slide down on my head and in the water . Hurrahs and high fives all round. We also have the uphaul back , it looks like it’s had a perm as it’s all curly from where it has been so tightly wound round the forestay. 


We spent the rest of the day practising with different Jibs to see how much we can take. We started with the small j4  jib but have worked ourselves up to the big J2. We could have the spinnaker back up but for the moment it’s been sent to the naughty step to consider its behaviour. 

We are both feeling good that the boat is back to 100% perfect again. I’ve respliced the chopped spinnaker pole uphaul so we have 2 working poles again. 
We’ve just had a little “cocktail” of fruit juice. Salami and pickles to celebrate the fact we are now half way to Grenada.