Land Ahoy!

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Sun 9 Jun 2019 11:58
Land is in sight, we can see the island of Sao Miguel.

So after I left Bobby with the S2 alone last night of course the inevitable happened the wind shifted out of range and 10mins after snuggling down I was shouted up to help snuff. The S2 is a bit of a handful when she is flapping about complaining about the wind being wrong.Anyway we swopped to the code zero who was happy to take up the challenge and we have been flying along ever since. We are very actively racing and trimming now as we push for the end.

Tessa tells me we’ve done more miles than others round us in the last 24hrs so sounds good, still no boats on AIS. Remember we have a few hours in the bag from our Bigfoot rescue mission which I presume is not reflected on YB.I’m trying to find out how many we will get from race control.

The other clue land is near us many more birds and we had a visit from a pod of Dolphins. Still those Portuguese man-o-war jellyfish float past.

Sadly more ocean plastic with 4 chunks spotted this morning.

JPEG image

JPEG image