Inspection Day

Purple Mist
Skipper: Kate Cope
Thu 30 May 2019 06:47
Today it’s inspection day. The race organisers are checking every boat has the right safety gear aboard. I’ve done 85 or so jobs since I’ve bought the boat and some of these are for this inspection so let’s hope my hard work pays off. I’ve heard they are being pretty thorough and the local chandeliers has done a swift trade in 3point tethers, wooden bungs and paper charts of the Azores.
The orange storm sails are rigged ready to deploy and the entire contents of the locker laid out to be inspected.

Yesterday Ed from Mailasail came across and helped optimise a few settings on the Sat Comms. Very helpful session to ensure our modern phones and iPads don’t start gobbling up precious bytes with some needless replication or downloads. I should now be able to send small videos out which one of my shore team can post on Facebook. Sadly Facebook can not be configured to not hoover up bandwidth so all Fb posts will be courtesy of my shore team. So big shout out to Tessa Director of social media and Christian Director of weather and deputy director of social media

JPEG image

Yesterday was all about completing the little jobs so we tightened lifelines, rigged the tracker, added lubricant to all the blocks, checked all shackles had cable ties so they don’t undo, put up our Number 2 flag.

There was time to lend a quick hand to other boats so I mended the jib that Bigfoot had slightly damaged on his trip here. Jangada needed a bit of padding to help the ropes not catch and I had just the ticket- yoga mat. I’ve found yoga mat a surprisingly useful boat building material along with white plastic chopping board. So I swopped some yoga mat with Jangada for a few labels I needed for the hatches....I did warn Jangada that Purple Mist supplies only come in one colour so now there is a touch of purple aboard.

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