Sunda Strait - Krakatoa

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Fri 6 Mar 2015 06:17
05:37.06S 106:02.09E
0106z 06/03
After an easy afternoon with the new spinnaker set sailing across the lowest stretch of the South China Sea, we entered the Baur Straight for a night transit. In the early hours of the morning the thunderstorms started to appear on the radar.
Several hours of heavy thunderstorms and washing-machine seas entertained us as we entered the Java Sea and resulted in a day head-first in the lazarette adding additional bracing to the steering ram mounting bracket. The seas abated early afternoon for a gentle motor-sail across the remaining (and fishless) Java Sea to place us at the N end of the Sunda Strait for a night transit through the massive offshore rigs and the myriad of support and supply vessels surrounding them.
Sunrise now and Krakatoa about 40 miles ahead so should be visible soon and towering over us through the rest of the day. By tomorrow we should be firmly out into the Indian Ocean where our lures should start to work again.
Meanwhile, even without the promised fresh tunas, Tim, Carol and Chooky continue to serve up lunches and dinners suitable for far finer dining conditions than we have perched on our laps.