Kea Port

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Sun 14 Jul 2013 13:07
37:40.00N 024:19.49E
14/7 1420
A very challenging, but enjoyable hike to the top of the mountain before sunrise this morning for some spectacular sights and views, followed by breakfast at the resort at the head of the bay was a perfect way to start the day which was followed by a great sail/race up the coast to the port and our next stop.
Arriving at the church at sunrise
View from the Church to the bay
Tattoo, our "Fast Boat" was way out in front as we beat N, but is a show of sportsmanship (unfortunately though never acknowledged by the captain and crew of "Slow Boat") we overstood our last tack significantly to make it a closer finish, which, in a heavily disputed argument at the bar later it appears the Slow Boat is claiming victory by half a boat length!
We then sterned-to in the middle of "town" and stepped across the road for our usual arrival beer and grilled octopus.
This is a wonderful town with many good restaurants and breakfast venues. A little off the main track which seems to mostly be used by locals from Athens as it's only a short zap across from the mainland.
We decided to stay here an extra night as time was drawing to an end for the charter and there were really no other suitable anchorages or harbours on the islands we could get to and have enough time to enjoy.