Approaching Halfway

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Thu 8 Sep 2011 04:06
04°16.1166S 110°58.998E
Thu 0700 8/9/11
Good and not so good progress last 24 hrs. Perfect sailing conditions Wed afternoon with 15kn tail wind. Moved closer to Borneo south coast to hunt for stronger winds and more favourable direction. Motor sailed back toward rhumbline overnight to line up for the recommended track through the reefs and islands between Borneo and Pulau Belitung (Billiton Island) which is the half-way point.
The usual El Oro Scrabble tournament got underway yesterday with Ash and Kale fighting over two matches to end the day slightly in Ash's favour with an overall 20 point victory across the 2 games. Kale will try and claim back his honour when we add more players to today's matches.. The odds are in favour of a Captain Simon Victory after he mentions in reference to the scoring average of Ash and Kale (200 points) that 300 points is a standard, average score for scrabble.
Having caught no fish, except the small Mahi Mahi that got free on the first day. The role of ships cook last night was filled by Ash and Kale, knocking together steak sandwiches with a side of 'mushed' potatoes.
Sunburn took it's toll yesterday leaving Clara, Kale and Ash red, sore and tired and an early night and late wake up this morning was in order leaving the crew refreshed and ready to scrub the decks and do some polishing today..