Warming Up

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Wed 9 Oct 2013 00:40
13:47.44N 024:20.84W

0140z 9/10

Mostly more of the same the last few days. Consistent winds from the NNE/NE up until the Cape Verde islands where the wind dropped off and spun in circles for the day so some motoring and motor-sailing until we cleared the small island group then the wind blew back in from the ENE at 15kn. Now reaching due S at 8-8.5kn with just the main and genoa up and the Equator about 4 days away.

Yesterday was our first taste of HOT. Although very hazy and much desert dust in the air in the morning did help to reduce the sun's impact. But getting closer to the Equator each day we wont be able to escape it soon. Deck scrubbing was quite popular as you get to sit/kneel next to the raw water hose and have frequent showers. Remarkable how well, and easily, the teak is re-appearing from below years of dirt build-up.

Shame about the haze as we passed by a 3,000 metre high volcano on Fogo island. Above the low cloud and appearing through the mist was a perfect volcano cone shape, with the small concave top, towing above the mountains. Apparently its last eruption covered the small village on its W side, the government built new houses on the other side away from the blast zone, but everyone just cleaned up the village and moved back in.

Fishing has been dismal, not a single strike yesterday - every excuse known has been used to hide the lack of prowess and the dozen or so flying fish that've been sacrificing themselves to us each day is not a weight-for-weight replacement for a decent tuna or mahi mahi. Julie is probably our most successful angler yesterday as she caught one flying fish, and one squid - both to the head! There must be something worth catching down there if a squid can panic and shoot itself 10 foot into the air.

Expecting the wind to die and a build up of thunderstorms over the next few days as we slide firmly into the Equatorial zone. Suspect everyone will be pining the heat once we get to 40°S.