Gili Gede

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Mon 5 Dec 2011 00:53

08°45.7322S 115°55.8779E




Arose this morning to easing winds and sloppy seas. Another session at Steve’s Spot and all managed to catch a few waves, but nothing exceptional.


After a lengthy team meeting, it was decided to forgo the frustration of waiting there for further surf which was not likely to eventuate in the next 2 days. The forecasts have been accurate for the week so no reason to expect otherwise from their dim predictions for the rest of the week. So motored around to Gili Gede this afternoon to anchor inside a coral reef under a tropical island. A quick check of Desert Point along the way – but as expected nothing of interest there with this small swell.


Dropped anchor in 10m depth, 100m from the beach, and after a short Duck reccy, was greeted by the local personality – Peter, owner of the Secret Island Resort perched on nearby the headland. He invited us to his resort for a drink, so the shore party set off after sunset with lycra clad nurses in mind. Well the “invited drink” ended up being a way for him to get paying customers into his bar, which is possibly the largest number of clients he’s had for some time!