First Thousand

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Fri 22 Nov 2013 03:51
38:37.84S 037:07.48E

0254z 22/11

Settled conditions remain with WSW winds around 15kn and seas continuing to smooth out. Unfortunately the breeze not quite strong enough as we keep outrunning it. Pulled out the genoa and flaked out all the main overnight for speeds around 7.5-8 kn but dropping to 6.5 in the lulls. Due to the need to keep apparent wind up and sails full we've glanced off to a more SE course and will soon drop down into a latitude with stronger W winds. Alternately we'll look at the kite option today as the forecast shows lightish breeze for the next day or two.

Clear but freezing cold overnight so the shot of rum this morning as we passed 1,000 nm since Simons Town was most welcomed. Those of us that were very underdressed on the last leg had all independently raided a local camping shop near our Cape Town berth and we each now have long johns, woollen hats and ski socks, so we're much better organised for the Southern Ocean's frigid temperatures.

Kay and Robbo keep turning out incredible meals - last night's perfectly cooked mackerel streaks with tasty potato wedgie/chippie things and salad. Kay has also taken on the bread maker with a vengeance and discovered some hidden secrets which remained unknown after 7,000 Atlantic miles - a timer - so there's fresh loaf for our dog-watch sunrise snack, and also we suspect our last leg's vegan cook was leaving out some required dairy ingredients as our Indian loafs have far better body and taste!

Only one fish meal now left in the fridges so Ryan's actively fishing again still feeling confident following his back to back successes from a few days ago. Rod, who rarely leaves the cockpit and sleeps in full deck gear as he seems to be enjoying the superyacht ocean sailing too much, is closely supervising Ryan's fishing attempts, and ensuring the course and wind angle are behaving themselves, so I unfortunately get an opportunity to sit in front of the computer and do Admin and type silly blogs ...