Blongas Bay

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Sun 4 Dec 2011 00:53

08°53.861S 116°01.3069E




Cloudy day and brisk W winds meant little chance of a surf so we headed back to Blongas Bay which had the best protection from the wind and possibly had some clean waves. As we got to sea the W wind freshened to 15kn on the nose so had a terrific close hauled sail up the coast with an occasional dig tacking back out to sea required.


Arrived back in Blongas in time for a surf, but unfortunately there was none. So went and anchored in the lee of the W headland for the night.


Sent a party ashore to check out what looked like a resort nestled in the hill above the remote beach and turquoise inlet.

Not a resort, but the hideaway for the well known diver - Bedar - who has discovered the majority of the wrecks in the China Sea. His house is full of old porcelain, and artifacts from his wrecks. Although what’ll stay most in the memories of our shore party was being served their beers, and whatever else, by a sexy indo girl in a lycra nurses outfit.