Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Fri 2 Dec 2011 01:01

08°54.5266S 116°16.703E




The 2 Nicks onboard were over the side and surfing before sunrise on this break now coined "nick-nicks".

A surf around the E headland at "Steves Spot" which is a long Duck ride from the anchorage around the headland to a spectacular deserted beach break.

Quick afternoon surf on the dying swell at nick nicks we headed around to our magic anchorage just inside the W headland at Kuta for the night.


Nick went and played with the locals at the Kuta break while the rest lounged onboard continuing their recovery from the hard core first day.


Steve and all guests went into Kuta for dinner at a new restaurant started by a local mate of Steves. They were apparently a little suss as to the freshness and hygienic value of the food when it was discovered that there was only warm beer - if no refrigeration for beer, then what of the food? Well all but Steve had fish, which stood best chance of being fresh as it is caught daily.