Fish & Whales

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Mon 2 Dec 2013 23:41
35:57.13S 080:38.41E

2159z 02/12

The expected breeze returned on cue last night as we pushed further E to skirt the edge of the mid ocean high. Close hauled all day with NNE breeze strengthening to 15-18 kn and slightly warmer weather with clear skies and sunshine and the calm seas remaining had us powering at 8-9kn fully rigged and making good progress again for a 188 mile run for the 24hrs since engine off. The breeze is predicted to shift to the NW tomorrow which is perfect timing as we should be near the E most edge of our planned route so we'll follow the shift and should be ticking of the latitudes at a rapid rate over the next few days.

The pleasant sailing conditions allowed for a relaxed day aboard - HAL
also had a day off - so a cruisey day just enjoying the perfect
conditions and good company.
We did find a valid milestone for the daily nip - 3000 miles since South Africa. Soon to be followed by sashimi and a celebratory beer after I managed to land a 15kg blackfin tuna while sailing at 8kn, breaking our fishing draught of the last 10 days or so.

Now the fridge is bursting with 4 fillets of at least 2kg each so we're well stocked for a few more days.

With suitable clear skies for sunset we all tucked into the aft cockpit
for another attempted sighting of the ever hopeful "green flash", a
large whale chose this inconvenient time to surface about a boat length
away. While most eyes were fixated on the setting sun the whale surfaced again but couldn't quite gain much interest from us as we stared to the W while the final minute passed but once again no green flash detected from the sun as it ended its day.