Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Mon 31 Oct 2011 01:40
01°18.35756N 104°08.2398E
31/10 0920LT
On final approach around Singapore after a gentle overnight motorsail from Pulau Tioman.
Below is a screen shot showing a few hundred of the thousand-plus ships we're dodging on our way around Singapore Island to the Johor Strait and Raffleds Marina. ETA just after lunch in time for beers at the swim-up bar.
Final tally "El Oro vs. China Sea".
LOSSES: 2x boom vangs, 1x boom, 1x spinnaker, 2x halyards, 2x sunglasses, 1xMOB device, 1x winch handle, 1x laundry-peg bag, 2x harness inflation cylinders, 30+ golf balls,  plenty of skin and blood.
WINS: 1st HKV Race Premier Cruising Class, magnificent anchorages, exhilarating sailing everyday, exotic foods, beautiful women, unique cultures, memorable sunsets and rises. (Actually not true, we didn't get to sail every day).
Next El Oro adventure: approx 20th Nov departure from Singapore for surf trip to South Lombok.