Whale and Dolphins

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Sat 2 Nov 2013 07:25
33:45.73S 001:31.56W

0627z 02/11

Wind died as forecast around noon yesterday, so putting along at 6-7kn
overnight, hope to get back into the breeze sometime later today. Less
than 1000 miles to go, but will need some wind to pick our speed up for
an arrival by the 7th.

A very large whale surfaced a few times about 10m off the quarter late
yesterday, then followed in our wake for about 10 minutes, less than a
boat length behind. Then just on sunrise this morning a pod of dolphins
charged in, played for a few minutes then disappeared. It appears as if
we've finally found life in the southern Atlantic as these are the first
cetaceans we've seen since crossing the Equator! As we had tinned tuna
pasta last night, desperately hoping that the new found ocean life will
include the non-tinned varieties.

We did catch a bird yesterday, well it got trapped in the fishing line.
Quite a large gull and after freeing it it was quite happy to just sit
on the aft deck and be patted by Julie. She did try to feed it, placing
some brown rice and tinned sardines in front of it. After it refused to
take either, I suggested she throw the rice overboard and if she
actually opened the tin there was probably more chance of the sardines
being eaten. I'll admit, it was a ring-pull tin, but still I thought
that challenge possibly beyond the bird's brain capacity and dexterity.

Nights still freezing, and now the days are also. Hoping the clouds will
burn off today for some overdue sunshine and heat.