Final days...

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Wed 11 Dec 2013 23:39
17:35.29S 104:57.47E

2307z 11/12

Our perfect passage making conditions finally changed to be even more
idyllic yesterday. Winds dropped just a few knots to a very steady 14-16
kn SE breeze and the seas died to almost nothing so out came all the
sails and we continued charging at 9-10 kn straight for Bali. Mostly a
cloudless day with temperatures hovering near 30°C and more importantly
the sea temp rose to 26°. Today the breeze has died off a little more
but we should be able to maintain speeds around 8 kn. We couldn't have
scripted better conditions for the last 1600 miles, every days run
exceeded 200 miles, most more than 220 and best day's run was 239 miles.

Anticipation for arrival grows noticeably each day amongst the crew.
Ryan is putting some finishing touches on his new body sculpting and
adding a tan to it. Robbo is preparing the boat for its next role as a
charter vessel for a few weeks before it continues its journey to
Singapore. Kay and Rod are planning their next voyage and Robert is
still sitting in a corner reading his text books and taking notes.
Meanwhile Luc and I alternate engine room time to keep the genset
functioning so we can charge the batteries each day and every now and
then manage to run the water maker as well but lately this has only been
for the briefest periods and really isn't putting much of use in the

The G-Spot staff continue to turn out incredible meals with roast lamb
and roast vegies last night for a rare full sit-down Saloon table meal
made possible by the friendlier sea conditions. We did wet the lure
yesterday but not for long as we all kind off unanimously decided that
we'd had enough fish for now and no one was real keen on fighting them
and the doing the slice and dice either.

Now at less than 800 miles away, the current conditions should hold for
another day or three, then with a bit of wind-luck after to allow less
motoring with our limited fuel reserves we could arrive within 4 days!