Day 5

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Mon 10 Oct 2011 17:47
18°17.9254N 116°55.3178E
Tues 11/10 0030
On the home straight! Just under 300nm to go, and aiming direct for HK. Now all we need is the promised trades to push us along!
Mostly good winds last 24hrs, very large and confused seas and plenty of rain showers. Much of today was easy downhill sailing in 12-15kn breeze and good sunshine. Still haven't had a chance to go up the mast and fix the kite halyard, which is a shame as perfect conditions today for flying it. Wind started dropping boxing the compass after sunset so had a few hours under motor. Around midnight steadied again in line with teh GRIBS at 12kn SE.
The trade belt blowing in from the Pacific appears to have shifted N so may be longer to reach them that was hoped.
No fish, but keeping the lure on deck attached to the reel does make it too challenging for the fish to strike. As we're sailing mostly, we haven't been dragging the lure much because we only hook up when moving fast - ie, stronger winds - and takes too long to slow the boat to retrieve the fish. Got tired of donating $50 lures and 100s of metres of line to Davy Jones on every strike. Anyway, plenty of tinned tuna onboard....
Cadets still suffering from seasickness on and off. The conditions much bumpier now, and will likely remain so, or worsen, until we get back to Singapore - only 1800 miles left! But at least they are getting some semblance of sea legs - they just pause in their work now and then to feed the fish.
Making water for nearly last 18hrs - very empty tanks, as we take 2 tonne, and current production rate around 110 ltr/hr. Something about the planning of this - adding 2t weight to the boat just before a race??? Anyway, we'll use much in HK as we can't make water in "Fragrant Harbour" and we're on a mooring in Causeway Bay, so no access to shore water.
Very full moon, skies bright (almost blue) so only planets are visible, and only 2 or 3 of the brightest stars. If the night were dark, we'd probably be in range of the loom of a billion Chinese lightbulbs....