Greek Odyssey - Cyclades, Aegean

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Simon Blundell
Sun 7 Jul 2013 06:00

37:54.79N 023:42.18E

0914 7/7
Well, thanks to Terry Wise from the Pacific Sailing School (based at the CYCA) I find myself skippering one of the two charter boats he's rented for a two week cruise around the Cyclades for some of his former students.
We all arrived mostly in good shape to Athens from a variety of locations. Me from checking a yacht in Burriana, Spain that I'll be delivering to Singapore later in the year, one has jaunted over the Aegean from Turkey, a few from various extended hokidays around Europe, the remainder form Australia.
The boats are from Athenian Yacht Charter and are Jeanneaus, or Beneslows of some such floating fat-bummed white goods. (Obviously not my first choice for a sailing craft!).
A "Team" dinner at a beach restaurant next to the marina tonight, then off to our first destination tomorrow.