Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Fri 15 Jun 2012 05:18
06:47.312S 102:17.36E
15/6 1145
Progress still slow, although we are now sailing rather than motoring - which is a good thing as fuel has all but run out (except for the reserve tank, plus 100L in gerry cans) the remaining should be enough for to keep the batteries charged with the generator for most of the rest of the trip and also we need to turn some diesel into fresh water to top up the water tanks (most believe the reverse osmosis water making system turns salt water into fresh, but in fact the salt water is just an intermediate product, the reality is we use diesel to make fresh water).
Last couple of days has been mostly consistent winds of 8-12kn E-SE, yes - headwinds. The GRIB data is mostly right, but occasionally way out. In the modern age one would expect Huey (the weather god) to be fully versed in the mathematical models we use for wind forecasting before he chooses how to make it blow...
Otherwise, most maintenance and upkeep programs are on hold as conditions pounding into headwinds and increasing chop and swell make deck work impossible and keeping necessary tools and parts in one place for other projects an unwinable juggling act. So it's ocean going life - sleep, eat, and sit in the cockpit corner pressing an autopilot button 4 times per hour for your 6 hr watch. Even movie watching and book reading has dwindled.
Less than 800nm to go. Not uite half way there. At least now we are doing 7-8kn, but shame it's not supplying 100% VMG as it'll most surely be on the nose for the remainder of the passage.