Cape Verde

Digiboat's "Product Testing"
Simon Blundell
Mon 7 Oct 2013 09:10
18:43.83N 023:14.85W
1010z 7/10
Same winds now for last few days 15-20 from NNE, so on the port quarter and heading efficiently S.
No sail changes lately, seas somewhat choppy and confused, and some puffs over 20kn so haven't set the kite again.
Same fish too. Small stripey tuna, but caught enough of them yesterday for fish and chips for dinner. Ryan cooked the chips to perfection. We are getting regular hook-ups of large fish, but with the boat mostly sailing around 7-9kn and not possible to easily, nor quickly slow her down, it has so far proved impossible to reel-in and land the big fish under sail. There has been talk of picking a strand of spectra out of one of our halyards to use as fishing line. I think what started as a bit of a joke, is soon to become a very good idea. Ryan (otherwise known onboard as "Cabin Boy") is likely to get the unpicking job.
Most of our critical jobs have been completed and nothing to do in the way of sail changing, so Robbo is using this time to incorporate deck scrubbing into his daily foredeck workout.
So all are quite settled into this trade wind sailing caper - lost of napping, eating, sleeping, bit of reading, TV, and always the afternoon snack and beer or G&T's to watch the sunset.